Kanye West Has Another Crazy Rant In LA

Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour stopped off in Kendrick Lamar’s home town of LA night. The egotistical rapper didn’t hold back at all as he went on another profound yet inspiring rant during the concert. He proceeded to ask the audience if “they liked it when he talks his shit?”.

Not only did a Revolt do a good job or catching the action, Diddy was quick to tweet the video with the caption “Y’all can say whatever but what @KanyeWest did last night showed the true power of an artist!! This was crazy!!”.

Check the Yeezus pop-up store after the jump…

Kanye West also opened up a pop-up store to sell his 80’s metal-inspired merch, right next to his fiancees Dash store. on Melrose Avenue. His and Her stores? Winning.