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Welcome To Spurred On!

A brand new Spurs YouTube channel has launched! Made by fans, for the fans, Spurred On is the epicentre of everything Spurs and the home of original Tottenham Hotspur visuals.

I have joined the channel to bring my passion for Spurs and help build this online Lilly-white community. I kicked things off by hosting a new show called #Spurverts which involves me talking about the things that have most excited me in the world of Spurs. I also did a match preview for the Spurs v Man City game this weekend.

Check the #Spurverts after the jump…

Welcome To #TheHotspot


#TheHotspot is a new YouTube series where Hotspur’s can fire questions at the players or me. Each week I’ll upload a clip talking about the latest Spurs results. We drew 1-1 with Burnley in the FA Cup this week and the game wasn’t even streamed which was ridiculous.

You can also watch all of my other episodes on my YouTube channel. Check the latest episode after the jump…