Winter Wardrobe Essentials: Black Timberland’s

craig mitch black timberlands

Winter is a special time of the year for me. Mainly because I was born in November but also for fashion purposes, winter is the “IT” season. Dreadful winds and damn near freezing temperatures are a part of winter, especially in London, but it gives us an excuse to spend big on our winter wardrobes.

One of my must buys for this winter are the all black Timberland boots. Now if you reside in the UK like myself you may find it difficult to get your hands on a pair of these bad boys however the flagship store on Regents Street are doing a special edition all black leather pair for their 40th anniversary.  There is a distinct difference between some pairs though. Mine are nubuck leather, which gives the texture of the boot a suede-like finish and makes the details of your ‘fit much more apparent. The 40th anniversary pair are just standard leather.

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Timberland’s have become very popular with urban culture over the last two years,  with most opting for the classic tan colour way, however the black ones are much more understated and are also favourites with some of rap’s biggest superstars.


Drake has publicly expressed his love for black Timbs on many occasions and even told Ellen that it was the official choice of footwear for his OVO camp. Above you can see Drizzy sporting them at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

kanye black timbs amber

Being the extreme fashionite that Kanye is, it comes as no surprise to me what so ever that  he has been rocking black Timbs since the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where he was notoriously known for snatching the mic out of Tayor Swift’s hand. 4 years later and Kanye still sports black Timbs regularly all year round.


Last but by no means least we have Jay-Z. The mogul/rapper and one of my all time favourite artists, decided to select black Timberland’s as his choice of footwear through out the whole “Watch The Throne” world tour. Timberland’s are seen as the trademark footwear in Brooklyn where Hov was brought up and he sticks to his “all black everything” motto by sporting these bad boys from time to time.

So there you have it. If you’re planning on sprucing up your wardrobe for the winter and want to focus on the footwear department, Black Timberland’s are an absolute must and a bargain at £150.